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Sinar Indah Plastic was founded in 2010 is a developing company engaged in the waste plastic recycling processing industry. Our recycling process is PP (polypropylene) type and marketed is in the form of recycled / recycled plastic pellets. In a short period of time, Sinar Indah Plastic continues to grow and is known for its competitive and consistent product quality, fast delivery. Based in Rancaekek, Bandung, West Java, all Sinar Indah Plastic products, available in specifications and details according to your needs and requests. Contact our marketing department for further offers.


Being a leading plastic recycling company that provides the same quality as pure plastic resins.


Provide products that are environmentally friendly, provide products of the same quality and develop new product innovations.


We are a company that helps the plastic recycling process so that it is environmentally friendly. We recycle plastic from plastic waste, which we collect from plastic waste collectors, we select and wash before becoming a plastic pellet. The best quality of our recycled plastic pellet is used by our clients to produce their finished products.

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